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The FUTURE…future…f u t u r e…

Team, It’s been radio silence here for sometime and on the airwaves! Sad story but life happens (as you know!). Most of the crew has either upped and moved across […]

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2018 Teaser: Soon.

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Episode 94: 2016 Grampies Award Show

The ENTIRE crew is back!!! Fo’ REAL! We go through our picks for 2016 best games in different categories. It’s our opinion that counts…so agree or not…we cool!

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Episode 93: CES and More!

Nick and Newman comment on some things that came out of CES and more! It wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t have a few random items 🙂

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Episode 92: Switch REVEAL Reaction

Well. It’s live! Nintendo has announced all the details for the Switch. Some of us loved it…some of us thought is was a joke. See where we fall…

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Episode 91: Switchmas Special

In this…our final show of 2016, we dedicate to all the insanity surrounding the “leaked” and rumored reports about the Nintendo Switch. Among other news…Newman breaks down all the techie […]

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Episode 90: Fall Save Point

We took a break. CHILL. The crew is back with a rundown of all the games weve been playing the past several weeks. Podcast schedule returns to normal and we […]