It’s been radio silence here for sometime and on the airwaves! Sad story but life happens (as you know!). Most of the crew has either upped and moved across the universe or has migrated into the waves of life enjoying new-found stuff and things. Could I make it anymore descriptive?! Of course not.

Add to that a complete collapse of Ye Olde computer with no suitable substitute UNTIL NOW! YAY!

It is my sincere desire to continue and rebuild the podcast angle of our show starting once again weekly. For now…I need to fly solo due to the turbulence of life and complexity of schedules. Plans I had for 2018 mostly blew up in my face, but as with all things…a calm has come and a rebuilding is needed!

I can’t thank those of you who continue to read, post, react and Like on FB enough for your continued touch points and silliness! :-p

I’ll be flying solo for a bit.
Expect shenanigans.
Expect long-winded baggery.
Expect an eclectic mix of stuff and things.

Join me on the ride?!

Chat at ya soon!

GFR – Nick

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