ThNick-GFis past weekend Microsoft unleashed the Halo Channel, dedicated to all things Halo. And I began thinking after the not-so-distant demise of video gaming television if this is indeed the future! Imagine a world where your favorite franchises are available to stream, watch and play in endlessly, with shows and content for your favorite IP?! Frankly it sounds amazing!

halochannelMy inner nerd gets very excited by these kinds of things, but reality reminds me that this may all be to good to be true. Sure this is a VERY impressive lineup of content based around the Halo universe, but could there be some kind of future where you can just watch gaming shows like cable? They all band together and gamers can pay like a Netflix subscription and watch what they want to watch from a SEA of gaming IP?! That would be amazing but unlikely.

Here is a teaser of the channel courtesy of MKIceAndFire:

This is most certainly an experiment in the land of the unknown and it will be interesting to see how it pans out. The GamerFeed team will be watching with great interest…


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