HeNick-GFy team!


We here at GamerFeed are always trying to find the next way to get in touch with our loyal listeners and to attract new folks into the fold. Enter Twitch!

With the pervasiveness of online broadcasting in this new generation, we decided we would join in the cult. We already have a few broadcasts up with Rob playing. At any time, any of us could be logged in playing for the channel. From time to time we plan to have special events, like this Friday at 9:30pm EST where we will play through some Dragon Age together.

As we progress through the zillion of different ways you can play with technology, you can expect some YouTube integration at some point…it all depends on time and demand.

That said feel free to join us periodically for play throughs and thoughts. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep tabs on when our next stream will be!

We’d love to have you Follow Us on Twitch!


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