Over the past several months the GamerFeed team has gotten some interesting insights into our demographics. You may be surprised to hear that we are male dominated in the 18-34 age demographic, but we have some loyal lady listeners who we appreciate very much!

That said in January we noticed something rather peculiar…the country of Sweden which on average represents ~6% of our monthly listeners started creeping up the charts. SO much so that in the month of January, the city of Stockholm surpassed our home city of Cincinnati by nearly 2% (22-20% respectively)! As you’ve heard on the show we noticed this some time ago, but the recent surpassing of our U.S. audience was noteworthy and we thought we’d give a HUGE shoutout to Team Sweden for their continued and growing support of the show!

Many other countries are now starting to pop up around the world, but have a ways to go to catch this grudge match!

In honor of the occasion we did up a little graphic to spur on some friendly competition for the month of February 🙂

Our most recent show can be found on YouTube:

Who will be the victor?

GamerFeed Radio Team


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