tombraider01I have particularly fond memories of the original Tomb Raider on PSX which was a real graphic marvel for its time. Some serious 3D, cool lighting, and all the things which in today’s environment really pale in comparison. If you look at the story construction of Laura Croft back in the day compared to today’s softer side you really do get a nice depth of character, even if some people are annoyed by it.

For today’s Laura I’d liken it to the Samus portrayal in Other M that the GFR team hates with the passion of a thousand burning suns, if it weren’t for significant graphics and game mechanics that have won many fans over again. Still some find the nuance of the finer details unnecessary and prefer the gruff and tough version we’ve all become familiar with…thanks to the movies.Tomb-Raider-lara-croft-tomb-raider-the-movies-31965557-2560-1445

Like it or not, Laura Croft was THE female protagonist of her generation and now has to compete with the blasphemy many publishers slap into female clothing. Don’t believe me? Do a graphics comparison and see the difference. Granted we lost Madonna boobs in favor of deeper eyes into the soul, but is that what we really needed or wanted? With “Guardians” around the corner in the vein of the newer version of Laura we all have to cope with the early development of what we presumably got in the older versions of the game.

I for one, rather prefer the older versions of the game.

Tomb-Raider-IIIt was sassy, straight-forward and the lack of depth was compensated by something new and different for it’s time. Laura is doing well for now, but in an ever increasing field of female leads popping into the picture it’s a wonder she’s made it as far as she has for as long as she has…

Time will tell if the flashy graphics and “depth” will be enough to sustain the series or if the excellent game mechanics of the past will define a cooling ember whose flame may just be running out.


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