Nick-GFAs I mentioned on a our PC themed podcast I’ve been checking out Hearthstone on my iPad Air. Brad highly recommended it a month or so ago so I figured I’d jump in and give it a go. Generally speaking card based games are not my bag, nor have they ever been my style of game, but this seemed different and more approachable, and since I was feeling like I was missing out, I jumped in.

STVBoardThe initial tutorial was fun, weird voice acting and a cute kind of approach to an age old concept. My mage character beat through the initial 8 rounds to get me acquainted with the lore and mechanics of the game. The overall playability of the game is solid, and the way you play with different strategy elements becomes clear pretty quickly. Decisions have consequences and that’s the kind of game I could get into…if there weren’t so many games out right now vying for my limited time and attention.

2427800-7453276198-heartNext, onto the practice rounds to unlock all the different character classes. I can really appreciate this way of unlocking. It’s simple, it doesn’t cost anything in any DLC and each character has a unique set of abilities and strategy to the way you play them in game. Brilliant! As you level your characters up you get more and new card packs that give you more choices and options in the way you play against different kinds of foes. You do have the option to pay real money for card packs if you choose, and that’s the way it should be…OPTIONAL!

I played a few real rounds with some of the character classes I unlocked and got killed so it looks like I need more practice! Regardless, so far the game is fun, engaging and a slight bit addicting in the risk reward way I like to play.

So far so good, and I look forward to getting some more time in.



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