Just in time for E3 2015…whether you are new to GamerFeed Radio, or you’ve been with us since the beginning, as we approach our first full year in Podcasting, we couldn’t be more proud of our work, the improvements over the past several months…and the increasing participation from our fans!

THE NEW WEBSITE EXPERIENCEScreen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.12.16 AM
To maximize the experience, we are please to present you with out NEW website! With a dynamic responsive theme, more news, more social in more places and a single place to get all your news and insights from the team…it doesn’t get much better! We are always working to design an exceptional experience that you care about, enjoy, and feel comfortable participating in and hopefully the new site design will help make all those dreams come true.

In the coming weeks the team will begin to change up our format a bit to include more smaller segment shows so you can catch a quick listen when you are on the go, while still leaving our marquee weekly podcast programming in place. These “DLC” shows (which are free…and yes…EVEN Brad listens to them!) will highlight additional topics we can’t get on one show. Also in year 2 we have added the capability to allow team members to record remotely! While there is some quality loss in using this format, it nonetheless nearly guarantees we can get together no matter where we are. It also opens the possibility for future guests and additional panelists to make the show ever more robust!

Spreaker-App-Customer-2SOME STAFF CHANGES
This all started as just 2 guys trying to take a conversation to the airways. We’ve added features, tech, other contributors, etc. and that mission has really never changed. Rob and Nick have worked hard and spent some great personal capital to get things going and keep it that way…thanks to your participation. Rob has decided to take a small break due to some personal reasons, but we look forward to having him back on future shows where his schedule allows. Nick will step into the main hosting duties for the foreseeable future and we are looking to add more guests, more stories, more everything!

As always we respond to all feedback sent over to us, work hard to keep things as clean as possible with insightful commentary all while pulling together resources to make the magic happen each week!

In the coming weeks…more announcements will come along on all the ways we are improving the show, our reach, and our content. As always if you have any ideas, suggestions, or gripes…you can hit us up on FB or Twitter or at gamerfeedradio@gmail.com.

The GamerFeed Team


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