In continuation to my E3 recap series Ubisoft was the next event. Many tent pole properties had the next game of their respective series introduced, a few games that had been announced previously gave us an update and two new games were presented too much applause. But for me a lot of the jokes came in flat and old. Even the gimmicks that were used just felt like fluff, and I’m not sure a quarter of the audience even knew who Jason Derulo was. Who cares about all that though, bring on the games!

South Park: The Fractured but Whole (2016)

The follow-up game to South Park’s The Stick of Truth role playing game of fantasy adventure released a teaser trailer showcasing the new theme of superheroes. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are back at it with their colorful brand of humor, political incorrectness and poop jokes. As the new kid in town you join the typical cast of characters as they don their capes and masks to take on the evil supervillian Butters. With this being just an announcement trailer there isn’t much to say, but personally I will pass on this game just like I did on the show. It just isn’t for me.

For Honor

A new venture for Ubisoft is For Honor where you play as one of three different factions Vikings, Knights or Samurai warriors. This new world looks graphically beautiful as you fight your way through castles, hills, cliffs and wooded areas in this Player Vs. Player fighting game. The 3v3 demo looked good as well though it was slightly confusing to see who was who and what the objective was. But with a more in-depth trailer to explain all confusion should be erased. For Honor reminded me of Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors a bit as well. Though not a very good PVPer I could be swayed to play this game if it has a good story mode as well.

The Crew: Wild Run (11/17/15)

Dragsters and motorcycles and monster trucks oh my? The next expansion to Ubisoft’s racer is titled Wild Run. Hot on the heels of the successful release of Furious 7 The Crew’s expansion looks to hit on the nerve of bigger, faster and wilder. Along with the inclusion of new vehicle types a new drifting spec has been added to up the competiveness of the racing. You will need all these new additions to tackle The Summit, a gathering place of racers to compete for superiority. Will you become the king of the Summit? For what looks like a fun in and out racer this looks like a lot of fun, and the additions are a good step. Plus you get to drive a freaking monster truck woooo ‘Merica!

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

In a scale of epicness this announcement trailer takes the cake. A gun wielding cat riding a fire breathing unicorn. Really showing anything else about this game would have been missed. Who knows what the Trails series has in store for us in the future, but it is starting to look really trippy.

The Division (3/8/16)

More information has been released on this much anticipated game including a game play video featuring a new zone called The Dark Zone. I was very impressed by the PVP aspect of the game. The group that the video followed was a well oiled machine, and graphically you could almost feel the cold as they passed Christmas lights. Seeing two opposing teams working together to complete a mission was cool as well. Though the twist at the end of the video honestly scares me away from the game haha. But hey that is what some people are looking for. I just like my nerves.

Anno 2205 (11/3/15)

Watching this trailer gave me the nostalgic feelings of growing up playing SimCity. But the new aspect of leaving Earth is very intriguing. This will be one that I will be looking into when it is released. Just watch the beauty as the video unfolds in the management game.

Just Dance 2016

No video for this one because we all know how the Just Dance series works. The new tweak will be that it will no longer be using cameras to watch your motions, but rather the handy telecommunications device we all have in our pockets. As I mentioned before they didn’t touch much on the game itself, but rather promoted Jason Derulo’s new song. He tried his best to get the crowd up, but for the most part the audience sat and clapped mildly amused. This was one of the major low points of the Ubisoft’s conference in not knowing their audience. They did introduce a new feature right before moving to their next item in Unlimited Streaming music for a subscription. <sad trombone>. We buy the game give us access to all the content.

Rainbow Six Siege (Beta 9/24/15)

Another game update comes for the Rainbox Six series next installment. Show the team interactions of this assault/escape game. Not much new was shown, and the game still looks very realistic. The Beta release date was final released though, so get ready for Siege in September. For a more life-like take of the game situations take a look at this video of some gamers learning what performing an actual siege looks and feels like. Click here! (The game Theorist is a fun watch on Youtube as well.)

Track Mania Turbo (12/1/15)

Open wheeled racing will never look the same again. This game taps into the imagination of a 5 year old racing their toy cars around the living room floor. And in the words of Dr. Emmitt Brown, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.’ Anything and everything is road to a child and Turbo brings that into video game reality. Flips, twists, corkscrews, loop-de-loops and dodging helicopters is just the tip of the iceberg. This racer looks like a lot of fun, but I could easily see myself getting motion sickness.

Assassins Creed Syndicate

Of all the games Ubisoft showed the next chapter of the Assassins Creed story is the one they need to hit a homerun. Unity failed so epically that I honestly feared it would end the series. But this video wraps me back into the story and the steam punk look of things looks like a rollicking good time. This go around you are the Frye twins who look to continue their Robin Hood style of justice defending those too weak to defend themselves. The brother and sister duo look to have differing styles and possibly different tools at their disposal to rid London of the corrupt politicians. I have high hopes for this next installment, and hopefully Ubisoft has learned it’s lesson.

Ghost Recon Wild Lands

The final property at the conference was a continuation of the Ghost Recon series. Wild Lands looks to take place all over the world, but the trailer featured the wilds of the Mexican drug trade landscape. Not much more was said at the conference of the game, but there will be multiple ways to complete your mission. Three modes shown were Long Range, Stealth and Ambush. Long range was taking out targets from a far and supporting your infiltration team. Stealth showed a night infiltration in the rain as they silently took out the opposition. Ambush used a drone to decimate the drug runners as your team rushes the compound to steal the drugs. A nice tactical game and another good entry for the series.

Ubisoft has a strong showing this year, but the constant apologizes distracted from conference. Aisha Tyler really didn’t do anything for me either. Her big thing was she had been there before, woo hoo! The host doesn’t matter the games matter. Do well with your games and you won’t need to apologize, and you can take more chances.

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