The daring trio (the Trifecta of Doom), Brad, Nick and Kyle reconvene again this week to discuss our favorite Disney games, gaming moments, history and our predictions for the future. Kiddy title…but all the randmoness you’ve come to expect from our crew!

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  1. My fondest memory growing up of Disney games was Darkwing Duck for the original NES. Kingdom Hearts is my jam. Disney Infinity is Amiibos with actually functionality. Yes you can plug your amiibo into Smash, but you can’t take said amiibo into a free form world. Buying the characters is no different either. both are little toys with just different paint jobs. The logic of hating one and loving the other is honestly ridiculous. If I had enough free cash I’d dive into Amiibo, Infinity and Dimensions.

    The cartoon version of Robin Hood is my absolute favorite Disney movie.

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