Nick-GFI’ve now had several hours to review and play through several parts of Captain Toad. Aside from the plethora of typical pics you see online the game is gorgeous, fun, and provides for some interesting twists on a rather old stationary yet movable camera circa PS1.

I particularly like some of the replay value in the game. It’s a tad bit annoying to not know all the objectives before you start a level, so the game basically forces you to go back in. Some of the challenges become more obvious as you progress through the levels, while others you barely miss by a few coins or defeating every enemy and then you have to go back in. The levels are usually pretty short and not timed which all helps makeup for some of the forced mechanics. You actually have time to analyze and explore which makes it fun for me.Toad ingame 1

I think overall the game gets by and is simplistic. The challenges do escalate as your progress but I haven’t found anything to be nearly as furious as classic Tetris when things gets nuts. There are some angles that leave much to be desired, obstruct your path, and can be a little frustrating. I enjoy the kind of game that keeps it short and sweet…leaves little to the imagination and handholds me through stuff sometimes. With all the fancy blockbuster titles nowadays, it has become increasingly rare aside from some basic Nintendo game IP to see the forest through the trees. Captain Toad joins the ranks of a Mario 3D World and classic retro titles as an easily accessible game with enough content to warrant it’s own existence.

Toad ingame 2

I definitely recommend for the lower than standard price, that you guys consider picking it up. It’s easy enough, easy on the eyes, and has some pretty endearing moments for Toad as a character. It’s a shame Nintendo jettisoned the strong Toad from Mario 3D and Mario 2 for a more Luigi’s Mansion sidekick…I don’t think it works as well as they do. But nonetheless it works enough as a concept to warrant a low cost pickup and hours of enjoyment if you can get past some wonky camera mechanics.


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