Nick-GFHey team!

We here at GamerFeed Radio are thrilled to announce and prepare you for our soon-to-be annual Gaming Awards Show we call the Grampies! The term derives from our mascot which is an old Atari joystick controller we affectionately refer to as Grandpa! We reference it a lot on the show…so hopefully it all makes sense now!

The show will air on January 1st at 8pm EST as we all attempt to recover from hangovers the night before! Here are the nominating categories for this years awards:

  1. Best Graphics
  2. Best Soundtrack
  3. Best Story
  4. Best Controls
  5. Best Gameplay Mechanic
  6. Best Hero
  7. Best Villain
  8. Best Companion App
  9. Best Social Features
  10. Best Multiplayer
  11. Most Ambitious Game
  12. Best Value
  13. Best Demo/Beta/Trailer
  14. Game of the Year

If you have thoughts on games we should include be sure to hit us up on FB. The categories will be listed in advance of the show so we are sure to take your thoughts into consideration for a possible #15 Player’s Choice Award.