I’ve certainly beaten this topic to death. Last time I promise, I got another article in the works that is sure to stir up some controversy. Smiley face. I think it’s no secret that every day I wait for Kingdom Hearts III is another day where I shameless bastardize Square Enix for no other reason than my limited interest in anything that’s not a quirky Japanese game with spikey haired, bug-eyed characters. I like me some JRPGs. Everyone wants Frozen and Tangled in the games and I get that. I, however, am a grown ass man…who loves Disney. We all want Kingdom Hearts III to be great and of course there are worlds we all want, but I’m weird and think outside the box. So, if you can hear me out past this nonsense, you might find that some of these worlds, while strange, would be awesome in Kingdom Hearts III.

Deep Jungle from Tarzan: 

Now I know what you’re thinking. Been there, done that. However, there has never been a Kingdom Hearts game that didn’t feature Olympus Coliseum and few didn’t feature Agrabah or Holloween Town. Deep Jungle hasn’t been in a Kingdom Hearts game since the first installment and it was one of the most immersive worlds in the entire game. You got to traverse through the jungle sliding down on tree tops, find yourself in dangerous wildlife encounters with Sabor, and explore exotic places the the water falls and the tree house. On top of that Deep Jungle was the first place Sora saw a picture of where his journey may have ended, Hallow Bastion. It was a place of importance and moved the plot forward flawlessly. I hear the reason behind it not having a second appearance was due to legal issues, but maybe Disney and Square have it in them to bring the world back to life in the beautiful HD graphics that PS4 has to offer.

Salem, Massachusetts from Hocus Pocus: 

I know it’s hard to imagine Kingdom Hearts without Halloween Town, but maybe Jack Skellington can sit out a round and let another beloved Disney Halloween movie take the spotlight. Helping Zachary Binx take on the Sanderson sisters in my mind has Kingdom Hearts written all over it. This concept might be lost on the Japanese audience, but here in America the hype could be huge. Also, the whole making a city a world thing seems kind of weird, but if they can make China (excuse me “Land of Dragons”) from Mulan a world, they can get around it. The final boss could be something like in Birth By Sleep when fighting the magic mirror in Dwarf Woodlands from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A tripped out battle with Winifred Sanderson and her spell book would be absolutely amazing.

Ant….Colony? from A Bug’s Life:

What would that world be called? Doesn’t matter because Kevin Spacey hasn’t shied away from video game roles in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Superman Returns. If he were to reprise his role as the main antagonist Hopper from A Bug’s Life, I’m sold. However, the film was much more than just something that featured a favorite actor. A Bug’s Life is a film that I have a surprising amount of fondness for when looking back it. It was early in Pixar’s life and I remember it being one of the most colorfully vivid films of it’s time. At the same time, it was dark and edgy at times and the story telling was on point. It’s these kind of qualities that make me understand why Square Enix would want to implement a lot of Pixar/Disney films in their game, but a more underrated classic like this one is worth a look. Sora’s gone Zoolander in Atlantica as a Merman and was turned into  a lion in the Pridelands. Now, let’s make him an ant.

Midgar from Final Fantasy VII

You’d think someone might have said by now, but I’ve checked all sorts of lists and NOBODY has. With good reason, fan service is a very dangerous thing, but I think it’s time to take the in game conflict between Cloud and Sephiroth into their rightful setting. It could be easily written off as a subplot in Radiant Garden. With the announcement of the remake already out there, I think its time to milk this cash cow till it’s dry. Square already did that with Final Fantasy XIII. Let’s see what happens if they decide to do that with a game people actually like. I’ll be the first one to throw my key blade right into the mako factory and destroy it.

Angel Grove from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

In all the Star Wars and Marvel talk, people have all but forgotten the important fact that Disney used to own the rights to THE MIGHTY MORPHIN FRIGGIN POWER RANGERS. Sora and the gang taking on Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd in the middle of the  giant monster capital of the world. Sorry Tokyo, but you have nothing on the misfortunate inhabitants of Angel Grove. There’s a giant monster siting on the daily there. Fortunately, there are five (maybe six) teenagers and Sora to save the day. Sora can pilot the megazord. Awesomeness ensues. Fat chance. Actually there is absolutely no chance, but hey a guy can dream.

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