Kyle RETURNS! And with him a healthy conversation around the ultimate question…which is better…Marvel OR DC?!?!?!?! Superman OR Batman?!?!?! Be sure to join us this week on a trip down memory card lane as we reminisce about the comic book games of old…throw in a few movie references, and laugh at some pretty terrible games. It’s all here!

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  1. I loved playing X-Men Legends 1 & 2 for PS2. Unfortunately my Ps3 is not backwards compatible even though I still own the games. It was an update to the side scrolling adventure with four player team-up that was great for gaming with friends.

    TMNT can almost do no wrong in my book as a child of the 90s proper. I even redownloaded TMNT 3 for my PS3 so my children can play it, and when they are older and cockier I will bust out the old NES and let them try TMNT 1.

    Yes Batman Asylum, City and Knight are amazing. But you still need to mention the elephant in the room of Origins. Yes it is not a Rocksteady and all the voice actors are different, but it still exist in that universe.

    Games per franchise
    Batman: 59
    Spider-man: 57
    TMNT: 51
    Avengers (group no solo): 31
    Superman: 25
    X-Men (group no solo): 22
    Not all games are going to be great. There is going to be a lot of blah in there from each camp.

    Wish there was more talk of what Lego has actually done to the landscape of video games, and they aren’t just for kids. But it is a great gateway for younger gamers to get plugged in.

    The lack of mobile game discussion has compelled me to get back into writing. Maybe I will do a bi-weekly article on a mobile game review. We will see what my schedule frees up for me.

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